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• 1/12/2014

Nice to meet you all! ;D

I'm a new user! So I can make storieees!!! I love to be your friend :) 

I'm Lord Anamary (aka Anamaria), a 13 year old romanian Lordkonik and a Lord of Thunder. Everyone considered me as a Sonic character but I'm not, I'm actually a LoZ character... even I look like a Sonic character. ^^; 

I love making stories, series, characters and more! I love friends! I'd like to chat with you, but I'll go to school sometimes... Here's a wiki Anamary and Surprise: Great Adventures  ^_^

You can put your random OCs because I want to put them on episodes! <3

~Lord Anamary





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• 1/13/2014

Hello, and welcome! :D I would LOVE to be your friend!

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