Molly and Gil only appear in 2 episodes of season 1.

Episodes ApperancesEdit

OonaXNonny-Dinner Date Part 1

OonaXNonny Dinner Date Part 2


Molly and Gil have'nt huged in any episodes of season 1 but there might be a hug in the episode-Molly And Gil Will We Hug Or Not?


Molly is 13 and is turning 14 on December the 26. There is also a episode coming along Whith it- Molly's 14th Brithday!. Molly is also 1 year ahead than she is supposed to be because her parents (Apperaed in Gil Has A Crush On Molly) Got muddled up and put her 1 year ahead and she is realy smart so that might explain that.


Gil is 14 and is turning 15 next year January. He has always wanted to kiss Molly and Hug her,Go on a Date whith her.Gil is not that smart the only thing he knows is being Silly and failing in tests,Having crushes on girls,How to add 10,00,00 followers on FaceBook and Twiter.


Molly's and Gil's relatoinship is not that high and Gil has had a Crush on here since Middle School.