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This is the 2nd part of the OonaxNonny love story. In this part Nonny meets and falls in love for a girl and Oona gets jealous.


Their so ADORABLE! Don't you think? <3

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Part 2 ( Why Can't She Be Me? )Edit

Oona and Nonny were swimming to the park just across the Ice Cream Shop.

Oona : How are you?

Nonny : I'm fine. How-

Nonny sees a yellow haired girl and-

Nonny : She's so beautiful!

Oona : Um who?

Nonny :( Points to the yellow haired girl ) Her!

Oona : DEEMA?!

Nonny : Wait that's Deema? She's so beautiful!!!

Oona knew Nonny was in love with Deema and she gets jealous.

Nonny : I'm gonna go talk to her.

Nonny goes and talks to Deema. It seemed Deema was in love with him too! They didn't know Oona was spying on them.

Gil : Uh what are you doing?

Oona : Nothing!

Gil : It seems like you're spying on that girl and Nonny. Are you jealous?

Oona : WHAT?! NO!

Gil : Wait a minute is that Deema? Why does she wear her hair...straight? She's so-

Oona : Don't even say it!


Oona : Just please shut up.