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This is the 3rd part of the OonaxNonny Love Story. In this part Oona confesses her love for Nonny.

Part 3 ( I Admit! )Edit

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Nonny and are now Bf's/Gf's they were on their date and was about to go home.

Few months later Nonny's love for Deema was fading but he never told Deema this. Same time, same place Nonny was about to tell Deema about his love for her. But Deema was called by her old friend from Russia. Leaving Nonny alone. Oona then saw Nonny and was ready to confess her love for him.

Oona : Hey Bestfriend!

Nonny : Oh hi Oona.

Oona : Why the long face?

Nonny : Oh never mind.

Oona : Remember that time when you first saw Deema in the park?

Nonny : Uh yeah.

Oona : I was spying on-

Nonny : You what?!

Oona : Wait let me explain!( sobbing ) Ok I..I was in love with you until now. But I know I don't have a chance because I'm only your Bestfriend right? I'm sorry for wasting your-

Nonny : I realized ...I loved you too.

Deema : WHAT?!