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This is the 4th part of a OonaxNonny Love Story. In this part Nonny and Deema are breaking up.

Part 4 ( We're Over! )Edit

Deema : YOU love OONA?!

Nonny : Hey, It's not my fault! Your the one who doesn't h
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ave time for me anyway!

Deema :(breathes in deeply) Why didn't say something we can fix this you know!

Nonny : Look.. I know you like me but I don't think were made for each other. OK? I'm sorry.

Deema : Fine!! Have it your way! We're Over!! (Swims away crying)

Oona : I shouldn't have told you I loved you. See I made you two break up...

Nonny : It's not your fault Oona I like her but only as a friend.

Deema's still swimming away still sad she then sit down at a bench. Goby swims by.

Goby : Deema what's wrong?

Deema :(sniffles) Nonny broke up with me! No one ever loves me!

Goby : I love you.

Deema :(wiping away a tear) You do?

Goby : Yeah since middle school.

Deema : I..I love you too!

Goby : Everything's gonna be alright.