First Part, First Plot! Hope you enjoy!

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Bubble guppies


Where Are We?

What Shall We Do?

Finally, Someone!

And Then What?

Bubblecity Sweet Bubblecity!


The guppies get lost in one creepy forest near Bubblecity. This is the first part. :)

Part 1 Plot ( Where Are We? )Edit

The BGs are now 14!

Deema : See Gil?

Goby : You got us into detention!

Nonny : And we're going home in nighttime!

Gil : It's not my fault!

Molly : At least we're out.

Deema :(to Gil) We'll you were the one who-

Oona : STOP!!!

Everybody goes silent. They never knew Oona could scream that loud.

Oona : Thank you!

"Now look all your fighting got us lost."

Goby : Where are we?

Nonny : In one creepy forest near Bubblecity.

Molly : Which our parents told us not to go.

Deema : Oh great! Now what do we have to eat twigs?

Gil : Will you eat twigs?

Deema : What? No! Of course not!

Gil : Then why did you ask?

Goby : Probably bored.

To be continued...