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Bubble guppies


In this part the guppies finds a way to survive. This is the 2nd part.

Part 2 ( What Shall We Do? )Edit

Deema : Kinda.. Oona :*changing the subject* Let's build a fire!

Goby : Good idea! But how?

Molly : Take 2 sticks and rub it together!

Gil :*Takes 2 sticks and rubs it together it begins to spark and he puts in on other pile of sticks* Great! A small fire!

Nonny : I have a book here to help us survive in the-

Gil :*grabs the book from Nonny* Cool! *Tears all of it's pages and puts it in the fire and it lights up perfectly!*

Deema : Amazing! *clap clap* bravo!

Nonny : Gil, really?

Gil : We can use that for the fire and now we're all toasty!

Nonny : Yeah, toasty. -_-

As you can see, Nonny's still pretty annoyed at Gil for that thick book costs him $25.

Oona : We have fire and we don't have any food!

Goby : Sandwiches?

Molly : Why didn't you tell us earlier?

Goby : You didn't ask!

Oona : Ok..water?

Nonny : Each of us has his/her own water bottle right?

Deema : Oh yeah! A bit awkward.

To be continued...