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In this part the guppies meets someone.

Part 3 ( Finally, Someone! )Edit

The guppies were sitting around the campfire until they here something....

Oona :*terrified and shaking at the same time* What, what was that?!?! [[BG in : Ok..We're Lost Part 2|
Images-7 Noona

Molly : Oona, chill maybe it's just *soon realizing the noise was indeed scary* I agree with Oona! Let's get out of here!

Gil : Guys, chillax it's just a little noise how bad can it be?

Nonny :*eyes widen* Gil, who's that behind your back?!

Gil : Who?

Gil turns his back and sees someone tall, and the person could speak he screamed right in front of his/her face. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Person : WOW! You scream really loud that hurt my ears!

The person was a 18 year old girl! Molly's cousin Gabriella!

Molly : Gabriella! It was you all along? How'd you find us?

Gabriella : Easy, all of your voices! Heard from the other side of the woods! So these are your friends you've been telling me bout'?

Deema  : You're a girl?

Gabriella : Obviously...

Goby : We thought you were a scary monster. O_O

Gabriella :*laughs* Well, obviously I'm not.

To be continued.....