Welcome to the Fan Made Stories Wiki Policies page. These rules should all be followed while editing this wiki.


Always Be Nice

Be nice to everyone you meet especially users with titles such as the founder, admin, bureaucrat etc. Every people needs respect. Never be rude.

No Spamming

No spamming. Spamming is the same as vandalism. We should have a clean wiki here.

No Cussing

Absolutely no cussing! Cussing is really bad and it can hurt people's feelings.

No Fighting

No fighting. No one wants to see people fight. If there's a fight going on, immediately tell the admins.

Don't Edit Other People's Stories

Mind your own business. Don't edit it without their permission. Except if it needs important categories or if there are misspellings, that is fine with the admins. Use correct grammar.

No Badge Farming

No badge farming, that means that editing just to earn badges is prohibited.

If you have any questions tell the founder, admins or bureaucrats.