Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World is a Mega Crossover and Fan Sequel to the novel "Burning Ambition by Jonathan Bernstein. The slogan for the fanfic is "Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World says it all."


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Chapter 1Edit

One night in Beverly Hills in the Hottie-verse, a cat burglar breaks into someone's house and steals a TV. He would have gotten away if it weren't for a certain fire starter. Her name was name Allison Cole, but she was also known as the superheroine "Hottie". She had to power to shoot fire from her fingertips and shot a blast of fire at the burglar's feet. The burglar was about to pull out his gun when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he is grabbed by a giant red robot with sunglasses on it's chest. It was Gurren Lagann co-piloted by Simon, leader of Team Dai-Gurren, and Viral. Long after the burglar is arrested, Simon explains to Hottie that an evil organization called G.O.S.E., short for Guild of Super Evil, is invading multiple universes and that they are trying to takeover the multiverse. Hottie then has an idea, she asks Simon that if he, and the former members of the expanded Supetastic 6 (as seen in Super Milestone Wars 2), should join the Department of Hotness. Simon agrees. Hottie bring's her friends David Eels, Kellyn Levy, Dorinda Galen and Designated Dean, aboard the Super

Galaxy Dai-Gurren. Our heroes then travel the multiverse to recruit members to the Dept. of Hotness.

Chapter 2Edit

A new Dept. of Hotness has been formed, ready to combat G.O.S.E. throughout the Multiverse. Hottie herself has changed her superhero style, looking like she did on the cover of the first Hottie book with only two differences, she wears triangle shades given to her by Simon that belonged to the late Kamina and attached to her belt was a sheath with a sword, Nothung, in it that was given to her by Finn that originally belonged to the late Billy, it turns out the sword could change size to the wielder, also around her neck was a Core Drill which she could pilot her own Lagann. Our heroes arrive at the Baman Piderman-verse to stop G.O.S.E from conquering it. In the Baman Piderman-verse, Baman and Piderman introduces Pumkin, Squib, Tuba and Wanda the Ghost to the Dept. of Hotness. All of a sudden, a fleet of G.O.S.E. warship appear in the sky and start attacking. Suddenly, an army of Trashtors transported to the ground, they were led by what appeared to be a female robot but was actually a cyborg, with the cyborg were Dese Guys. "Who are you?" said Hottie to the cyborg. "You don't remember me, do you.... Alison" said the cyborg". That voice, it sounds so familiar, and how do you know my name?!" said Hottie. "It's me... Carmen" said the cyborg. "Th, th, that's impossible, your dead!" said Hottie in shock. "I was" said Carmen "but fortunately my body was teleported back to another dimension called the Midnight Cage and was rebuilt by the emperor of G.O.S.E.". "Duh, you know this lady?" said Baman. "Yes, yes I do" said Hottie "she was my stepmother, but she turned out to be an evil criminal mastermind". "Trashors, attack!" commanded Carmen. The Trashtors attacked out heroes but they were no match. Carmen then transformed her two arms into swords. "You're mine now, Cole!" said an angry Carmen. "We'll see about that" said Hottie "Henshin!" a

s she pushes a button on her wrist watch. All of a sudden her outfit turned silver, silver gloves appeared on her hands, a white scarf appeared around her neck and she had a belt around her waist that was similar to Kamen Rider Stronger's Electer. "Call me Super Hottie" said Hottie in her new Super Mode. Carmen then prepared to charge at her when all of a sudden, Hottie shoots lightning out of her hand, right at Carmen's arm. "You have electric powers now?!" screamed a frustrated Carmen "retreat!". "Yay, Hottie saved us!" said Piderman.

Chapter 3Edit

The Dept. of Hotness' next stop on their multiversal quest is the Channel Awesome Universe, but it is soon invaded by the Guild of Super Evil. An army of Trashtors is being led by Dr. Insano. Linkara then transforms into Zeo Linkara, he is later joined by the Ohrangers. Linkara and the Ohrangers then fight off a bunch of Trashtors. Dr. Insano reveals that the Guild's emperor want to take the Plot Hole for himself so that he will become all powerful. Chuck Norris then decides to activate his gunman "Grapearl Mk-II". Hottie, with her Lagann, combines with the Grapearl Mk-II to form "Grapearl Lagann". Dr. Linsano then transports back to the Imperial Warship and comes back with his own giant robo, the Neutro Gundam, (which resembles the original Gundam but with a Neutro color scheme). "That robot's helmet would look better on my robot" says Hottie as she rips the Neutro Gundam's helmet off and assimilates it onto Grapearl Lagann. Hottie is later joined by Linkara , in Neutro, and the Ohrangers, in Ohranger Robo. The battle becomes more epic. Douchey McNitpick, who recently replaced the Nostalgia Critic in the Plot Hole, watches the battle while eating popcorn. After the battle, the Grapearl Lagann performs the Giga Drill Kick (turning it's leg into a drill) on the Neutro Gundam, destroying it, but not before Dr. Insano transports out of here. Meanwhile even more Trashtors appear in the form of a large army. Gai Ikari lends L

inkara his Gokai Cellular and Gold Anchor Key so that he can transform into "Zeo Linkara Gold Mode". Linkara then performs the Gokai Legend Manly Punch where he jumps into the air and, along with the copies of the past 15 Sixth Sentai Ranger, and punches the enemy. "I AM A MAN!" screams Linkara as he uses the Gokai Legend Manly Punch on the Trashtor horde, destroying them. In the end Gorou Hoshino, AKA OhRed, makes Linkara an honorary Ohranger. To be continued...

Chapter 4Edit

The Monster High-verse has been invaded by the Guild of Super Evil. Headless Headmistress Bloodgood alerts the entire school on the intercom about the Guild and informs everybody to retreat to the catacombs immediately. Rochelle Goyle on the other hand stays and try's to find a way to fight off the Guild, Abbey Bomi

nable and Spectra Vondergeist later join her. When the Department of Hotness arrives, they meet up with Frankie and her friends, who are menbers of the Dept. of Hotness, and ask if there are any way they could help. Simon of Team Dai-Gurren appears and tells them he know's a way. Simon takes them to the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren and shows them the King Kittan Mk-II, an advanced version of the one that was destroyed during the battle against the Anti-Spiral. Rochelle volunteers the pilot the new King Kittan. A horde of Trashtors, Goombas, Dai-Shocker Combatmen, Changelings, Team Plasma Grunts, Bibi Soldiers, Chitauri, Joker Thugs and Stormtroopers is being led by Toralei Stripe. Toralei sends the first wave of Trashtors against Hottie but Hottie, in her Super Hottie form, fights them off with her lightning bolts. Soon, even more Trashtors corner her. "It's time to take it up a notch" says Hottie as she inserts a cell phone, the H-Taros, into her belt buckle and, by pushing 3-6-9-#, transforming her into Super Hottie Gold Mode, her outfit becomes gold all over and she gains chest armor similar to that of Kamen Rider Den-O Super Climax Form only it's gold-colored. As Super Hottie Gold Mode, she not only has the power of fire and lightning but air, water, earth and ice as well as the mysterious element number five. The army of Trashtors are defeated with ease. The rest of the army is driven off by the other members of the Dept. of Hotness. Meanwhile a fleet of LZs, non-Spiral Gunmen by Trashtors, come and attack. Rochelle fights back with her King Kittan. The Dayakkaiser, piloted by Dayakka Littner, and the Kiyalunga, piloted by Kiyal Bachika, combine with King Kittan to form King Kittan Deluxe Mk-II. David Eels, in his own personal Lagann, joins the battle by combining with the King Kittan Deluxe to form "Super King Kittan Deluxe". The newly formed Gunman destroys the LZ fleet with ease. In the end, Rochelle Goyle becomes an honorary member of the Dept. of Hotness as well as the new pilot of the King Kittan. To be continued....

Chapter 5Edit

Our heroes, the Dept. of Hotness arrive at the Star Trek-verse. Our heroes soon meet Captai

n Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise and the rest of the crew. Linkara is exploding with delight over meeting the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Jean Luc tells Hottie that the Borg have joined the Guild of Super Evil which the Federation has just found out about, Hottie then tells him that she heard about the Guild on New Years Day and have been fighting them ever since. In a matter of minutes, a fleets of Imperial Warships, as well as some Borg Cubes, appear and attack. Since the Dept. of Hotness' home base, the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, is the size of a moon, it's quite difficult for the armada to attack it. The armada later sends out a giant robot to attack. The giant robot "ChimeraZord" has the powers of all of Vaglass' MegaZords (as seen on Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters) combined. Grapearl Lagann goes into space and combats  ChimeraZord, an epic battle ensures. During the battle a new Gunman arrives and assists Grapearl Lagann, it is the Lazengann Mk-II, an advanced version of Lordgenome's Gunman. The new Lazengann was piloted by none other than Abbey Bominable (last seen in Chapter 4). Hottie then transforms into Super Hottie, giving Grapearl Lagann a boost of power. While Laganzaa Mk-II beats ChimeraZord to a pulp, Grapearl Lagann finishes it off with the Giga Drill Kick, which involves transforming the leg into a drill and performs a flying side kicks, and strikes ChimeraZord, destroying it. After the battle, the Guild's armada retreats. In the end Hottie offers the crew of the Enterprise to join the Dept. of Hotness, Jean Luc accepts. To be continued....

Chapter 6Edit

Today is Valentines Day. Alison Cole and her new boyfriend, Matt Keene, celebrate their one year anniversary by going out on a date in her home universe. Alison leaves Simon in charge of the Dept. of Hotness while she's gone. On their date Alison wears a LBD (little black dress, pantyhose and black high heeled shoes, she's also wearing Chanel No. 5 perfume. Meanwhile, Yoko Litner is feeling lonely on Valentines day on the count of both the men she loved, Kamina and Kittan Bachika, have died. To cheer Yoko up, Draculaura decides to hook her up with her cousin Fredward Skullen, or Fred for short. Later on, Draculaura introduces Fred to Yoko and

the two start to bond. Later that night Alison and Matt returns from their date and catches Yoko and Fred making out. Later on Dr. Linksano informs everybody that the Guild of Super Evil have invaded New Earth (DC Universe). Alison soon dons the Hottie suit and takes command. To be continued...

Chapter 7Edit

After saving the DC Universe from The Guild of Super Evil, the Dept. of Hotness heads over to the Godzilla-verse as it is the Guild's next target. Once they get there, out heroes meet none other than Godzilla himself. But little do they realise that Godzilla have been brainwashed by Skales. As soon as they figure this out, Godzilla goes on one of his famous rampages. To combat Godzilla Linkara uses his magic coin to enlarge, Kamen Rider J uses his Jumbo Formation, Kamen Rider 1 enlarges himself to Godzilla's size (like he did in Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider), The Gokaigers form Kanzen GokaiOh, Simon and Viral pilot Arc Gurren Lagann, whick towers over Godzilla, and Kamen Rider Decade, with Kamen Rider Diend's help, transforms into Decade Complete Form Jumbo Formation. An epic battle soon ensures. During the fight Hottie arrives in a brand new Dai-Gun (larger sized Gunman) "Arc Variblune" which is piloted by Grapearl Lagann (and Grapearl Lagann is piloted by Hottie and Chuck Norris. The Arc-Variblune has the ability to attach to the back of Arc Gurren Lagann to form "Goren Arc Gurren Lagann". Godzilla is soon outmatched and overpowered. Skales is later chased off by Muscles Glasses and Godzilla snaps out of his mind control. Later on a fleet Gunskippers (starfighters piloted by Trashtors) start attack

ing Tokyo but not before being blown away by Godzilla's thermonuclear breath. In the end Linkara shakes Godzilla's hand (like what Jet Jaguar did in Godzilla vs. Megalon). To be continued...

Chapter 8Edit

The Department of Hotness arrive at the Regular Show-verse only for them to notice that it has already been invaded by the Guild of Super Evil. On an unrelated story, Hottie decided to keep her Core Drill on a keychain inside her pocket instead of hang it around her neck as it clashed with her flaming H necklace. The Park has been occupied by a horde of Trashtors led by The Warlock (last seen in the episode "Fortune Cookie"). After our heroes fight off the Trashtors, The Warlock grows gigantic and, with his magic fanny pack, not only tries to suck up The Park but the entire world. Gurren Lagann then combines with the Arc-Gurren to form the Arc-Gurren Lagann. Grapearl Lagann goes inside the Arc-Variblune and combines with Arc-Gurren Lagann to form Goren Arc-Gurren Lagann. The two then duke it out in an epic battle. Outmatched, The Warlock goes into outer sp

ace and grows into the size of the moon. That doesn't stop Goren Arc-Gurren Lagann or it's co-pilots as they merge with the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren to form "Super Galaxy Grapearl Lagann", which resembles a gold-colored Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. After the epic battle on a planetary scale, The Warlock is outmatched and beaten as he teleports away. "OOOHHHHHHH!!!" says Mordecai and Rigby inside the moon-sized super robot after yet another victory of the Dept. of Hotness. To be continued....

Chapter 9Edit

Our hereos, The Department of Hotness, arrive at Equestria. While visiting Canterlot, Hottie is greeted by Princess Celestia. Hottie warns Celestia that an evil empire called the Guild of Super Evil is coming to invade Equestria. Shining Armor prepares the Royal guards for battle, the Wonderbolts arrive at Canterlot to volunteer to battle, Princess Luna arrives with her Royal guards to join the fight as well. The invasion force was being led by Queen Chrysalis. The invasion army was composed of Changlings, Trashtors (mostly Trashtors), Imperial warships and Gunskippers. The invasion force then attacks Canterlot via "Zerg Rush". The combined forces of the Dept. of Hotness (including the Mane Six) led by Hottie, The Royal guard and the Wonderbolts led by Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence & Shining Armor fight back the Guild invasion force, an epic battle soon ensures. After the long and epic battle the combined powers of Princess cadence & Shining Armor (via the Power of Love) and Scott Pilgrim weilding the Power of Love sword finish off the remaining forces by blowing them away (just like in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2). In the end, Hottie is knighted by Princess Celestia herself. To be continued....

Chapter 10Edit

Our heroes, the Department of Hotness, arrive at the Scott Pilgrim-verse. While there, Scott, Ra

mona, Wallace, Stephen Stills, Kim, Knives and Young Neil try to warn everybody about the Guild of Super Evil about to invade their world but it's too late as they have already arrive. The sky sky was filled with Imperial warships, Gunskippers and a new type of Real Robots that have replaced the LZs, the DGs (Dark Grapearls). The DGs resembled Graprarls only they were black, monoeyes like a Zaku and arm cannons. Today's leader of the invasion force is Gideon Graves. The Dept. of Hotness and the Guild battle head on right in the middle of downtown Toronto. During the fight Gideon summons the second wave, an army of ressurected Yummies, and they are every Yummy Kamen Rider OOO ever faced, from the Kamamiri Yummy to the Nue Yummy. Scott and his allies team up with All Riders to battle the Yummy army. During the middle of the fight, Gideon uses a mysterious device that fuzes the Yummy army into one powerful Yummy, the Chimera Yummy. Scott, Ramona and Kamen Rider OOO battles the creature together. During the fight, OOO transforms into his Super Tatoba Combo. In the end, Chimera Yummy is defeated by a slash from Scott Pilgrim's Power of Love sword, Ramona's hammer and OOO's Super Tatoba Kick, destroying it and making it explode into Cell Medals "Sweet, coins" said Scott as he picked them up. Shortly after the battle, Gideon tries to escape but bumps into a mad Ramona. "It's time to go Pootie Tang on your @$$" said Ramona as she took off her belt and whipped it on Gideon's face. A badly bruised Gideon transported onto one of the Imperial warship just before the Guild's armada left the Scott Pilgrim-verse. In the end Scott and Ramona celebrated their victory by kissing each other. To be continued....

Chapter 11Edit

Our heroes, The Dept. of Hotness, arrive at the KFK-verse... and it is a world gone mad, although Kung Fu Karl doesn't seem to notice as he is native to this universe. Dr. Linksano calculates that this world can easily be taken over by the Guild of Super Evil. Later on a horde of Trashtors led by Carmen, Dr. Beesano, Judas Blythe and Juicer beam down and invade. One epic battle later they are defeated and retreat. Meanwhile a famous movie writer, Jonathan Bernstein, (known for co-writing such movies as Max Keeble's Big Move and The Spy Next Door) meets up up with Hottie and Kung Fu Karl and say he want to write up a new Death Ninja movie that co-starring Hottie (but played by an actress). Jonathan Bernstein just happens to be the Only Sane Man in the KFK-verse. Jonathan says the movie will be titled "Death Ninja 800,001: Hottie" (or Hottie for short) and it will revive Kung Fu Karl's already dead career. Kung Fu Karl thinks that would be a great idea and agrees. Meanwhile Kung Fu Karl shares some Local Asian Hobo Wine with Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man), Tony tries some thinking it tastes funny, "What's in this?" say Iron Man, "uh, mostly banana peels and urine" says Kung Fu Karl, Tony then spits it out and runs off to find a place to throw up. Meanwhile on the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, Kung Fu Karl shows Mordecai and Rigby one one his Death Ninja movies on DVD entitled "Death Ninja 53: Popcorn Ninjas A Poppin'". After seeing the movie they think it's terrible, "Dude, this blows" says Mordecai after Kung Fu Karl is gone getting drunk. To be continued. KFK!

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