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This the Final Part of the Lost Little Angel series. Hope you like this last part. :)



Lost Little Angel Final Part (My Wings!!)Edit

Angel : Oh My!

Tyler : Go on! I've activated the portal! You only have a minute!

Angel : There's a hunter!

Dug : Go on! Were going to be fine!

Angel :(sobbing) I'm sorry I can't! I have to save you guys!

Sarah : Honey, just go on without usssss!

Angel : I'm really sorry I have to save you!

In a blink of an eye Angel's wings have appeared! Maybe because she really wanted to help! Unfortunately the portal have dissapeared.

Angel : My wings!

She tried to lift that heavy log and she lifted it up!! Maybe the wings have magic!

Angel : See I told you! We've got to run!

Dug : Thank you Angel! (starts to run)

Sarah, Tyler, Rita and Kathy : Thanks! (starts to run too)

Angel : Your welcome! Come on! ( catches up)

All animals : Phew! That was close! Thanks Angel we owe you our lives!

Angel :(smiles) Thanks! But I've got to go! I promise I'll visit!

All animals : Good-bye and see you!

Angel flew up to heaven and she saw adult angels.

Angel : Are you mad?

Angels : Actually no were really proud of you! Please don't do that again ok?

Angel : Ok. I promise. :)

Angel never forgot her animal friends who helped her a lot.