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This is the1st part of the Lost Little Angel series. Hope you like this part. :)


1."I want to earn my wings!"

2."Where am I?"

3."Help me!"

4."My Wings!!!"

Part 1( I want to earn my wings! )Edit

Once, there was an angel in heaven. She is known as Angel she's still young and haven't earned her wings yet.

  • In her Religion class...

Angel : Excuse me Sir, why haven't I earned my wings yet?

Teacher : Angel, you haven't earned your wings yet because you haven't done all the tasks yet.

Angel : But, I'm really nice!

Teacher : That's not enough Angel you have to be kind, humble, loving, caring and helping. Now class dismissed.

Angel is walking home thinking about how to earn her wings.

Angel : I'm the only angel in class who doesn't have wings!

She saw 2 guard angels guarding a portal.

Angel :(to herself) Is that a portal to Earth? Maybe I can go there when the guards aren't looking but I think I'll have to cause to trouble so the guards have to stop them. But that's wrong I don't wanna get kicked out heaven! Maybe I'll just sneak in.

Sneaking in was very hard but she really wanted to earn her wings so she just had to do what really has to do.Finally she had the chance so she just jumped in. She landed into a forest. She wasn't really scared because the forest looked really nice. But then she heard something....

Stay tuned to see what happens.