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This is the 2nd part of the Lost Little Angel series. Hope you like this part. :)

Part 2 (Where am I?)Edit

Angel : Who's there? That was one high fall! Where am I?

Angel hears the sound again.

Angel : Whoever's there please show up. I'm only 7 you know!

A dog shows up.

Angel : Phew! Just a dog!

Dog : What do you mean "just a dog"?

Angel : Eeek! A talking dog!!!

Dog : Didn't you know every animal in this forest talks!

Angel : A dog doesn't live in a forest!

Dog : Well, I got lost! Anyhoo, my name's Dug!

Angel : I'm Angel!

Dug : You're an angel and your name's Angel!

Voice : Dug who are you talking to?

Angel : Who was that?

A rabbit, cat, bird and snake : Us!

Angel : This is starting to get weird.

Snake : I'm Ssssssarah!

Rabbit : Call me Rita!

Bird. : Tyler's my name!

Cat : Hi I'm Katie!

Angel :(slapping herself) I'm Angel.