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This is the 3rd Part of the Lost Little Angel series. Hope you like this part. :)


Part 3 (Help Me!!)Edit

Sarah(Snake) : Honey, why did you sssslap yourssssself?

Angel : Nothing, I thought I was just dreaming. Can you help me get back to heaven?

Rita(Rabbit) : Make a ladder!

Tyler(Bird) : Uh ok?

Kathy(Cat) : Just simply fly back to heaven!

Angel : But I don't have any wings!

Dug : How'd you earn it?

Angel : I forgot!

Kathy : Speaking of which, are you hungry?

Angel : Nope!

Tyler : I just remembered there's a portal not far from here back to heaven it hasn't been used since war came to this place!

Angel : Come on! I wanna go back!

They've went to the portal until.......

A log fell unto the five animals and were trapped.