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The next moring  Apple Bloom asked Granny Smith to go to take her to school. " Sure" Said Granny smith " But why?"  " I don't know why"  Answerd Apple Bloom. When they  got to school Granny smith blow a kiss to Apple Bloom. " Bye Sweetie" She said. Apple Bloom trotted to the class room. She sat Beside Scootaloo, who looked at her. " I'm Sorry Apple, I'm not mad but at Sweetie Belle, yes"  " Why?"  Asked Apple Bloom.  " Because I heard about your playdate with her." Sighed Scootaloo. " Oh" Said Apple Bloom, Blushing.  She was Embarassed! It was recess time, When Sweetie belle trotted over.  " I'm mad at you Sweetie Belle" Said Scootaloo. " Why You Jealous???" No"  Apple Bloom knew That Sweetie Belle was Jealous. " oh well" Sighed Apple Bloom. She watched Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle fight.

Original Story by: Animalloveroona!