Pony Hug!

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Uh Oh! & Jealusly ( I don't know if I spelt that Right)

Part 2: Friends ForeverEdit

On the weekend, Apple Bloom was SUPER Bored. " Apple Jack, Can you play with me?" Asked The sweet Pony, Tieing her bow. " Not now, Sugercube" Repiled Apple Jack, " I'm going to Fluttershy's Party, But I will play with you later." Suddanly, Big Mac's head popped up. " How 'Bout you invite  Scootaloo over" He suggusted.  Apple Bloom did not want to tell her Family about Scootaloo's and her Friendship, Dead. Apple Bloom also hated to tell Granny Smith, Who would probley just get Scootaloo into trouble. " How about Sweetie Belle" Said Apple Bloom, Changing the subject. "Ok" Said Big Mac, Smileing. He picked up the phone and dieled Sweetie Belle's Number. Raritey answered it, and Chatted with Big Mac. Suddanly, The door bell rang! " I'LL GET IT!" Cried Apple Bloom, exited. " It's... It's... It's.... SWEETIE BELLE!!!!!!!!!" Hi, Apple Bloom. I heard That you and.... Sweetie Belle began, but stopped when Apple Bloom coverd her mouth. " Don't think about Saying that..." Apple Bloom said.  Apple Bloom showed Sweetie Belle all the rooms, Sweetie Belle brang her bag. " What's in There?" Asked Apple Bloom. " My Dolls" Answered  Sweetie Belle. " I need to show Princess Celsetea my Dolls, Because I will go to Princess Luna's party" Before Sweetie Belle left, Apple Bloom whispered: " We will always be Friends" " Forever" Added Sweetie Belle.