Chapter 1: Uh oh!

Chapter 2: Freinds forever

Chapter 3: Jelousy

Chapter 4: Sweetie cake

Chapter 5: Babs is Bad!

Chapter 6:  A what?

Chapter 7: Gonna Be Nice!

Chapter 8: I'm sorry

Chapter 9: Cutie mark Crudsaiders!

Chapter 10: My BFF!

Chapter one: Uh oh! Edit

Applebloom was trotting happily to school, but then........" APPLEBLOOM, GET OVER HERE NOW!" an angry voice called. It was Scootaloo!  AppleBloom saw that Scootaloo wasn't happy. In fact, her face was steaming with anger! " Whoa! Calm down!" Said Applebloom, she was looking around,as she was sweating. " Just because I didn't come to your playdate, doesn't mean to yell!"  "Why didn't you come then?" Scootaloo asked, with anger. " I don't know......" Said AppleBloom, stammering. "It's just because........ I had Homework!" Scootaloo sqited, Then laughed. " Apple, You crack me up! We don't have homework in SCHOOL!" Said Scootaloo. " I am not you best friend anymore!" AppleBloom tought for a moment,  Then she sat down by a big tree, sad. Applebloom sighed. " I wish I couled be Scoot's BFF again". Sighed Applebloom. Suddnally, Sweetie belle trotted by, Carry her books. She stoped as  she saw Applebloom by the big tree, She trotted over to the tree and sighed. "What's Wrong?" she asked. "  Scootaloo's not my best friend anymore!" Applebloom explained.