Old and New Friends

Part 1(I'll Miss You My Friends)Edit

Chloe : I'm gonna miss you Isa!

Kyle : Stay safe ok?



Isabella : I will.

Isabella's Mom : Isa! We have to go!

Isabella : Farewell.. Until we meet again..

Chloe and Kyle : Bye..See you..

  • Isabella's Car

Isabella : Mom? Why do we have to move again?

Mom : My branch was moved.

Isabella : Oh...

Mom : What's wrong dear?

Isabella : It's just that (sighs)I'll miss all of my friends especially Chloe and Kyle..

Mom : And?

Isabella : And I think it'll be hard making new friends.

Mom : It won't be hard for you! Your'e friendly! Just do your best ok?

Isabella : Ok...

  • Later at their new house

Mom : Isa! Go to bed! It's been a long day! You'll need that good night's sleep! You have school tomorrow!

Isabella : Ok Mom! Good Night! (Thinking) I have school tomorrow, my first day at my school.

  • End of Part 1 (I'll Miss You My Friends)

Part 2 (New Girl In School) Edit

  • School

Isabella : Hmmmmmm...The school looks really cool!(bumps into a girl)

Isabella : Oh.Sorry I guess I wasn't looking at where I was going.

Girl : That's fine, hey I've never saw you around before. Are you new here?

Isabella : Well yeah!

Girl : Nice to meet you! Name's Aleona and you are?

Isabella : I'm Isabella just call me Isa!

Aleona : Hey Angelica, Cindy come over here!

Cindy : What's up Aleona?

Aleona : I'd like you tom meet Isabella just call her Isa for short

Cindy and Angelica : Hey!

Aleona : And Isabella, this is Cindy and Angelica!

Isabella : Hi!

  • Bell Rings

Aleona : Well, there goes the bell. Come on let's go to class.

  • Class

Ms. Gonzaga : Class, we have a new student called Isabella. Isabella, go sit next to Aleona.

Isabella : Yes, Ms.Gonzaga.

  • Aleona and Isabella's Desk

Aleona :(soflty) Wanna hang out after school?

Isabella : Sure!

  • End of Part 2 (New Girl In School)

Part 3 (More New Friends!) Edit

  • After Class

Aleona : So wanna hang out?

Isabella : Would I ever!

Aleona : Where do you wanna hang out?

Isabella : How about the-

Angelica : Isa, Aleona!

Isabella : What is it Angelica?

Angelica : I'd like you to meet my twin brother Joshua, but I'm older for 5-10 minutes, I guess. Joshua this is Isabella.

Joshua : Hi Isabella!

Isabella : Hey Joshua! And please call me Isa!

Joshua : Ok :)

Angelica : What were you talking-

Ryan : Hey guys!

Aleona : Ryan my friend! I'd like you to meet Isabella. Isa meet Ryan!

Ryan : Hey!

Isabella : Hello!

Angelica : Where's Cindy?

Cindy : Present! Where you guys goin'?

Isabella : The Mall wanna come?

Cindy : Sure!

Isabella : You guys all wanna come?

Aleona : Of course!

Angelica : Okay!

Cindy : Like I said Sure!

Ryan : I can't my mom won't let me out of the house unless I finish my homework.

Joshua : Me too plus I have chores.

  • End (More New Friends!)

Part 4 (Remembering The Old Days) Edit

Aleona : Wait Angelica and you are twins right? Why are you the only one to have chores?

Joshua : Well Last week she was the only one to do the chores, now (sighs) it's my turn...

Angelica : Yeah! I'm sugar free!!!

Cindy : Well what are we waiting for?

Isabella : Goodbye Ryan and Joshua

Ryan and Joshua : Bye Isa!

  • The Next Day

Angelica : Yesterday was so fun!

Aleona : You said it!

Cindy : Yesterday was wonderful!

Isabella : Yeah....

Aleona : What's wrong?

Isabella : Nothing..

Aleona : I know something's wrong!

Isabella : Ugh.(Runs off to the lakeside.)

Aleona : Hey Isa!

  • Angelica and Cindy looks at each other with worried eyes.
  • Lakeside

Isabella :(sitting by the lakeside.)

Aleona :Hey Isa what's wrong?

Isabella : ....

Aleona : Come on tell me.

Isabella : It's because I just miss my old friends..

Aleona : Hey, were still here. No matter.Were still here always by your side? Ok? Someday you'll meet again.

Isabella : Your right! I mean I still have you guys!

Aleona : That's right! Now come on!

  • Back at School

Cindy and Angelica : What happened? , Aleona : Nothing.

Cindy : Well if everything's fine then were ok!

  • End of Part 4 (Remembering The Old Days)

Part 5 (Friends Reunited) Edit

  • 4 years later

(Isabella and her friends are now 14 after class. )

Voice : Isa?! Is that you?!

Isabella : Who was that?

Voice : Silly! It's me!

Isabella : Me who?

Voice : Turn around!

Isabella : (turns around) Chloe?!! Kyle?!!

Kyle and Chloe : Yup!

Isabella : What are you guys doing here?!

Kyle : We've transferred schools!

Chloe : My dad...

Kyle : My uncle....

Chloe : Told us and Kyle's parents to move here!

Kyle : Uhuh!

Isabella : That's great!

Aleona : Hey Isa! Who are you talking to?

Isabella : Aleona! I'd like you to meet Chloe and Kyle! Chloe, Kyle meet Aleona!

Aleona : Hey!

Chloe and Kyle : Hi!

Angelica(with Cindy,Ryan and Joshua) : Hi Isa!

Isabella : Angie, Cindy, Ryan and Joshua meet Chloe and Kyle. Chloe, Kyle meet Angelica, Cindy, Ryan and Joshua.

Angelica, Cindy, Ryan and Joshua : Hello!

Chloe and Kyle : Hi!

Aleona : Since we have new friends I guess we hang out!

All : Sure!

  • At the Park all are having fun.
  • Graduation Day

Isabella : You guys were there for me when I needed you!

Aleona : Well you were there for us when we were sad...

Cindy : And not just that and times we were down.

Isabella : Because?

Chloe : United...

Joshua : We...

Ryan : Stand....

Angelica : Divided...

Cindy : We...

Kyle : Fall...

Aleona : Friends...

Isabella : Forever!!!

  • Group Hug
  • The End!

Hope you guys like my story!