Now Oona and Nonny are dating they go to a romatic dinner.


Oona-Nonny I can't wait!

Nonny-Nearly there Oona.

They end up at Mr Grouper's Guppy Romantic Restraunt.

Molly is a w
180px-Nonny snd oonas date

Dinner Date!

aiter there and she is horridefied that Oona and Nonny are there.

Molly-Hey welcome to MGGRR

Nonny and Oona- Whats's does that stand for?

Molly-It's stands for the name of the resraunt for short.

Molly goes to Gil and says it's his turn to take their order.



Gil-Are you jelous that their dating?

Molly-Of coruse not. YES.

No i'm not gonna right the rest of the story because i don't wanna ruin it for you.Edit