This is contined from OonaXNonny-Dinner Date Part 1.

Gil-How come?


Back in the resraunt.

Oona-This Fish is so YUMMY!

Nonny-And this
180px-Nonny snd oonas date
Steak is Extremley YUMMY Too!

Both of them finsh their dinner.

Both-Desset Time!

Oona-Waiter can we have a chocolate Couple dessert?


Oona and Nonny finish eating.

Nonny-I'm so full I need to clean myself up.

Oona-Me too.

They go to the toilet.

Both of them see Molly and Gil.

Nonny-Were you spying on us?

Molly and Gil-No. Yes we were.

Oona-I can't belive you did that.

Nonny-Me too. I thought that I had a real freind for once. I guess I was wrong. I was loney in kindergarten all the way up to 2nd Grade but that person did'nt turn out to be a real freind.Bye Gil same whith you Molly Bye.