The Locked-Up Princess


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A princess who is locked-up all of her life since her mother died.


Mia's really mean stepsister claiming she is the TRUE princess.


A nice servant. ( All of he servants hates Addyson and her dad. )

Percy ( Addyson's dad )Edit

Mia's mean stepfather. ( No wonder where Addyson got her trait. )


A good looking prince on the outside but is opposite on the inside.

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Keep reading if you want to know who he is!


This is a four-part story about a Princess who is locked up in all of her life by her mean stepdad and stepsister.'


I'm One Locked-Up Princess

I Think I'm In Love?

Gotta Get Outta Here

It's My Time To Shine!

My Happy Ever After

Part 1 ( I'm One Locked-Up Princess )Edit

Since Mia's mother died, Mia was locked up in her own room by her mean stepdad and stepsister.

They were just being nice when Mia's mother, the Queen. When she was still alive and to Mia who is actually the one to have the throne! But her stepdad and stepsister wanted to have the throne all for theirselves and was actually the one who planned to kill the Queen. Until one day.....

Mia : Hmmph! Those meanies! Who planned to kill my mom.

Mia's cat just stood right there her side and cuddled with her.

Mia : Don't worry girl, we'll get out of here soon.

Addyson( Mia's mean stepsis ) enters.

Addyson : Ha! You wish!

"Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go to a ball."

Mia : You just came here to tell me you were going to a ball?!

"You don't make me jealous!!!."

Addyson : Don't worry dear, after my dad and I shall be crowned King and Princess on Saturday which is 3 days from now. You'll sure be jealous because that crown should be yours.

"But no we won't let you. And we'll rule this kingdom!! Hahaha! Goodbye!

As Addyson goes out. Mia tries to chase her.

Guard :( locking the door ) You ain't going anywhere!

Mia was giving her sister a mean look and slowly backed away until she reached the center of the room and sat down slowly.

Mia :( sighs ) I'm one locked up princess.