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Part 2 of The Locked-Up Princess. In this part Mia falls for a Prince who was also the crush of Addyson!

Part 2 ( I Think I'm In Love? )Edit

Mia was sitting in her room and she looks out of the window and sees a very handsome prince in the balcony.

Mia : Who's that handsome Prince?

Voice : Prince Alex! Thank you for coming over!

Alex : My pleasure!

Mia : Eeek! Addyson?

Addyson looks around and sees Mia as well as giving her a mean look.

Mia : Ok, I can see she has crush on that guy. -_-

"And I am too?"

Mia still looks out the window being jealous of her stepsis having everything while she has nothing.

"Nothing at all."

She hears a knock on the door and it opens.

Alexandra (a servant) : Mia? Come eat!

Mia : Thanks. At least your still here for me.

Alexandra : What do you mean?

Mia : See that prince?

Alexandra : Uh yeah?

Mia : I kinda think I have a crush on that guy. And my stepsis has a crush on him too.Don't tell anyone.

Alexandra : I won't!

"Of course I won't."