hey yo its animalloveroona! i rlly hate that name so call me eevee or eva okay. anyways, i was reading all of my stories and i realized how crap they were and if someone comes on this wiki (probably not, its dead tbh) just know I was like really young at the time like 8 or something like that. i dont know why i had an obsession with bubble guppies but everyone has their quirks right?

anyways if you still come on here (highly doubt it) and you want to talk to me more ig you could ask for my moviestarplanet.

looking at my message wall ig i was put in charge of this very dead wiki, even though the message was from almost 4 years ago.

so former friends: hmu i wont be on this acc everyday but ill check every so often

best of luck,


(aka animalloveroona!)

also why is the background paw patrol